Warlord Class Revealed + Video!

Today we announce the 6th class of Age of Wonders 3, the fearless and brutal Warlord, with another 20 minute long game play video. In this video the battle hardened armies of an Orc Warlord Iron Lady march to crush the nations of weaklings.

For more information about the Warlord Class, check the class page.

“A Warlord once told me that a nation at peace was a nation breeding cowards to be enslaved. Warlords rule by the Law of the Sword, establishing a chain of command based on battlefield glory and duels to the death.  Their armies consist of highly specialized, mobile troops and powerful beasts trained to do their bidding.    Warlords are master tacticians, and often legendary warriors unto themselves. Though they tend to trust the power of their hardened armies over supernatural forces, Warlords have mastered arcane skills that strengthen their armies. They instill mythical courage in their own troops, while striking terror in the hearts of their foes..  ” –”Gifted Lords of the Third Age” by Ralinstone Pedant, Chronicler


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    “A Warlord once told me that a nation at peace was a nation breeding cowards to be enslaved.”

    So true, just look at the world today.


    So true, just look at the world today.




    is the item forge a warlord-only or orc-only or will it be for all class and races?


    Ice Age

    Item forge is a city upgrade, can be built at any city regardless of race or class.


    This just might be my first class to play as. When learning a new game, I’ve always fared better with the more “direct” approach initially.



    Although im excited for the class, i must say this video was in very poor taste. The worst class release video of them all.



    LOL. I didn’t get it at first.
    Very funny Dwarf.

    I thought that it was extremely accurate.

    Your Elvish Overlord,



    “…in the bright light of the Valley of Wonders, there is only War.”



    Oooohh…. shrine of Yaka is so… majestic… and bit little torn down.

    I also can’t help but notice that Warlord class seems lack tier 1 units…. bit contrast to other classes. Oooh… THAT is main reason why they were said to have pricy units, right?


    There is no Warlord easy scout summons. You’ll be relying on your city built units for this role, or pick a magic sphere that has a summons in it.



    Looks amazing, cannot wait for the 31st. All the classes and races are very interesting and quite unique in their playstyle. Especially love the new crafting of gear and mount features.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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