New Year’s Update!

Happy New Year! Here is a small New Year’s update outlining what you can expect from us in the coming months towards the release of Age of Wonders III. The closed beta has kicked off with a first circle of dedicated testers. Feedback so far has been very useful and tremendously encouraging for the team. After the initial glut of bugs have been squashed we’ll be extending our invites.


Keep a close watch on our website, we’ll be adding lots of new pages to the website including new Leader Class pages and new Development Journals loaded with information.

We’re looking forward to bringing you this long awaited game. Age of Wonders III is now targeted for a release date late March, with Pre-orders starting sometime before that. Thanks for all your support thus far.  In the meantime, please register and share your thoughts on our forums - who knows, you might be selected for the beta :D

Lennart Sas
Triumph Studios


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    Lennart Sas

    Happy New Year! Here is a small New Year’s update outlining what you can expect from us in the coming months towards the release of Age of Wonders III
    [See the full post at: New Year’s Update!]



    Thanks for all your support thus far. In the meantime, please register and share your thoughts on our forums – who knows, you might be selected for the beta :D

    On one hand I want to get into the beta, on the other hand talking about a game that I can’t even play yet is tedious.

    Ah well, I suppose March isn’t so long away.



    Only a few months, perfect time to finish any missed campaigns from the first three games.

    It can be tedious to talk, so it is always a good idea to talk when you think of something to say. That being the case when someone says something first – either asks a question you know the answer to or brings up a point of view you can argumentatively agree or disagree with (or just have the wish to show both sides). What makes it less tedious are the little sweet reveals about the game we get from the developers, not to mention the discussions and competitions where other people write really interesting things.

    I’d say talking about something you’re interested in isn’t generally tedious. Might be after a few months, but then we’ll be so close to talking about the real experience.



    I think that we users of these forums would get an Bete-key, since where the most dedicated fans of your game ;)


    I think it would nice if there be a open beta some time before release the game 4 example at the end of January or at the start of the February.



    I think it would nice if there be a open beta some time before release the game 4 example at the end of January or at the start of the February.

    Well, considering you have a load of fans, of which I am one, biting my nails waiting for a sneakpeak into a game I love and grew up with, there will also be a great number of players who would decide to not buy the game after playing the open beta, therefor it isn’t smart at all to release an open beta, and only find people who are truly devoted to the game to test your closed beta with.
    Of course, by doing so, you will get more positive, thus often less constructive feedback, but you keep the profit once the game starts at a maximum.

    Having said that, I’d love to get a closed Beta key, I played Age of Wonders with tears in my eyes, played Shadow Magic with red eyes (sleep deprevation) and probably gonna end up in some hospital while playing III :)


    Red Key

    I wish Lennart and Co. (a.k.a. Triumph Studios) good fortune this year.

    New Year's Quote



    Yesss yesss beta test for my precious pleasse! :)


    Happy New Year! Thanks for the update, always good to hear some news!



    Can’t wait to test out the Warlord Class!!!



    I wish I could get beta, but I’m kinda too silent to do that .D
    Not accustomed to write stories at forums.
    I wish to play Rogue, though >D


    Another one here who would love to have access to the Beta (long time fan of the AoW series and other similar games, like HoMM).

    I would like to also try the map editor. I hope it’s as the old ones.



    All good news :) especially the March release date (though I wouldn’t mind if you felt you had to push it back again, whenever it’s ready).

    I guess we all better stock up on sleep, cause it won’t be long before we’re all sitting at our computers at dawn thinking just one more tur.. *head crashes into keyboard*




    My birthday is in March! Triumph get on it!


    In other news, since you guys have a release date planned, and you have numerous beta testers, can we PLEASE get some specific system requirements? 512 vram is not a good answer! :P I need to know specifics to see if I should finish repairs on my gaming rig (need a new motherboard. >.<) or if I will be able to run it on this laptop. (Which has 512vram, but a godawful cpu. 1.8ghz… >.>)

    Lastly, I am THROWING ALL OF MY MONEY AT THE SCREEN TRIUMPH Y U NO TAKE IT!? Ahem. I mean that I can’t wait for pre-order options to become available.

    P.s. CONGRATS on the development! You guys can hopefully take a break soon! Thanks for all the hard work!



    I’m so excited!
    I’ve been missing good old Turn-Based Strategy games.
    It’d be really awesome get an access for the beta!



    Take my money already


    I really would love to see that triumph studios will not go the way like many other publishers (like of the new xcom game) and simplify (downgrade) the AOW III gamemechanics! …so that even a baby can play that game, to make more profit in the end, i don’t want to play games that babies play! Only if i have to (i’m father of a son)

    I think AOW lives from movepoints (positioning and strategy) and resting Timeunits, for defense tactics.

    I hope you will not simplify the game, because i love the complexity of AOW II : SW for example…

    But i’m sure you will make it!

    Anyways a good idea with the avatar rating in this forum when you create an account! Nice idea, was the first time i have seen something like this – it’s simply clever!

    “AVATAR RATING Avatar Rating G — Suitable for all audiences
    PG — Possibly offensive, usually for audiences 13 and above
    R — Intended for adult audiences above 17
    X — Even more mature than above
    Choose a rating for your custom avatar.”



    Does this mean the remaining 4 classes will be fully announced and explained before the end of March then?



    Very exciting! Can’t wait to see how the class-system plays out compared to the wizard-system from before.



    thanks for the update :) can’t wait



    I played the first 3 games campaign AGAIN within the last weeks and can’t wait to get my hands on a beta access!!

    I even used to have an animated little hero as my mouse cursor back when I used to play the first game day and night.

    Anyways… I would appreciate a beta access and would gladly report anything I can find.. I can test PC as well as Mac :) whatever version you need some reports on.

    For all of Triumph Studios and anyone supporting this game, a happy and successfull new year!!



    chrishe: nice Azrac. I’ve been going through the Meandor’s little helper’s campaign in AoW lately, they look so angry on all pictures.

    I doubt asking for beta access will actually result in getting it (though if you never ask you never get so… please?).

    WhiteWolfSir: I’m guessing they’ll make it at least to the last one by March (with the last class coming out within days of the launch). At the rate they’ve been going anything is possible. They say the current release date is in March but that may yet change, depending on what the closed beta results in. They do what they do with serious intent, they won’t publish unless they are satisfied with the result.

    OneOfTheLost: I used to play The Sims 2 on a 700MHz CPU computer. While not on high graphics (the GPU was certainly lousier than yours) but it played. 1.8GHz is likely to suffice (though the AI might take a while to compute his turns).
    Another thing to consider: they say it will support running on Vista, which was a monster for resources. If they think 512MB of GPU RAM will do even on Vista and you don’t have Vista, I’m guessing you’ll do fine. As they said: “The game is not going to be a system’s hog.”

    And last but not least, the developers. You see the support that is rallying at the mention of the consideration of a mere possibility they could have a meager chance at being in a small list that could have a potential spot in the beta. You know you’ve been doing something right. A lot of something. Have a merry new year and make the best of it.



    This makes me so happy!

    I’ve been following this game quietly for awhile, and I am so excited to play this!

    Keep up the great work guys :D



    Yay! Been waiting this game for a long long time with my brother. Still playing (way) long LAN games once in a while with him.

    Waiting anxiously for pre-orders and more info about the game :)



    From what I’ve seen, the new combat mechanics in some units seem really interesting, hope there’s more like it was shown. And I’m going to love to change the relations with other races depending on what you do even if you have diferent alignment. Having troops leave you because of your alignment is a pain in the ass in the old games :S

    Looks really good



    Good timing, my final AOWSM game is just passed 100 turns and 1000+ posts in the forum. Look forward to AOW III! :)



    March?!? That’s way more earlier than I thought it would happen. o.o

    Yeah I registered just to say that. xD



    What about an early access edition on steam? ;)



    Really pumped for this game. Still play Shadow Magic today.


    What about an early access edition on steam? ;)

    or even a demo, either way I’d be happy just along as I got to play the game. March cannot come soon enough!

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