Let’s Play Video Barrage!

With just a couple of hours until the game’s release, we have a couple of new English Language Let’s plays from Youtube gaming celebrities for you to check out. These let’s plays give a great view of what’s the game is all about, and as the game is soon deep and varied, each video is different and even developers discover new things by watching these vids :-)

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PaulSoaresJr – Goblin Dreadnought encountering an Eldritch Horror

Quill18  – Dwarven Theocrat on Random Map featuring Underground 

SurrealBeliefs – The A Mirror Pact co-op scenario

Mathas – A great introduction to the Elven Court Campaign


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    I would also recomment all the videos ihunter made. They do contain spoilers so people who like to play and find all the nuances for themselves must be carefull.


    Quill18 videos are a great watch as he really enjoyed his time with the dwarven theocrat.



    Nice to see Youtubers getting some official acknowledgement. I’ve seen Quill18 videos. Will likely check out some of the others.

    In other news, I finally got to play for a few hours last night. Loving the game so far. I’m brand new to the series.

    I love having to login into this website and then getting redirected to my profile page *every* *time* *I* *visit* and want to post something. All those others sites, what with their "cookies" allowing "prolonged logins" totally are overrated!
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