The Structures of Eternal Lords Part II

March 27, 2015 -

After the Structures of Frost and Darkness, now we’ll take a look at the second set of new locations for Eternal Lords. Box of Cataclysm: The Box of Catacylsms is a new type of pickup. It lures players to pick it up with a nice pile of casting points as reward, but the player must
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Age of Wonders III Eternal Lords PBEM showcase

March 26, 2015 -

Today we’re starting a blog documenting the battle of the multiplayer champions Jomungur and LordTheRon and of two death defying (some might say suicidal) development team members: Sikbok and Lennart. You’ll get to learn all about the new content, strategies, and PBEM in general. (for as long as the devs stay alive) Hopefully the in
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The Age of Wonders Series in Numbers

March 25, 2015 -

Forumite Tibbles has been so awesome to put together this infographic comparing the exact amount of content in each iteration of Age of Wonders. We’ve seen some people asking why Age of Wonders 3 has so few races compared to the older games. This graphic shows that while the number of races is indeed lower,
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Eternal Lords Achievements List

March 20, 2015 -

So we’ve added 27 new Achievements for the Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords expansion, which are now listed on Steam and working in the dev builds of the game. Lady of Justice – Summon a Chthonic Guardian Iron Sky – Win any level with a Grey Guard leader Keep the Faith – Win any
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V1.53 Open Beta Update now Live


Hi, Thanks everybody for your input on the V1.5 Open Beta! A lot of Feedback has already been processed resulting in the first update – V1.53 is live. Please note the following Known Issues: If you host a PBEM game, and choose a slot other than the first one, you will not be able to
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Open Beta for Update V1.5 Kicks Off! (Windows/Mac/Linux)

March 12, 2015 -

Before the Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords Expansion is released on April 14th, we’ve decided to celebrate and start the open beta for the complementary v1.5 Update on Steam.  Additionally we’ve launched Steam betas for Mac and Linux versions which will also accompany the Eternal Lords release.  We’d love to hear your feedback –
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Eternal Lords Expansion Announced! Coming to Windows, Mac and Linux.

March 11, 2015 -

Today we announce the rise of the Eternal Lords! arriving April 14th this year! Eternal Lords is the major, second expansion for the acclaimed strategy game Age of Wonders III, marking one year of continuous development since its release. With the introduction of the Tigran and Frostling races and the new Necromancer class, players must
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Dev Journal: Tigrans Part II

March 6, 2015 -

Today we reveal the second part of the Tigran Race! In Part 1 we discussed the background and shared characteristics of Tigrans, as well as the Prowler, Cheetah and Chariot units. Today we take a look at the Shredder, Sun Guard,  Mystic, Dire Panther and Sphinx. You might notice that’s 1 unit extra compered to
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Expansion Soundtrack Preview & More news from the front!

February 27, 2015 -

In today’s journal Michiel van den Bos discusses the soundtrack for the upcoming expansion, and we a small update of little bits and pieces we’ve been working on. First, the Maestro in his own words: When starting work on this expansion, I had to keep three things in mind: Necromancer, Frostling and Tigran. Each race
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Dev Journal: Vassals and Enhanced Diplomacy

February 20, 2015 -

After the previous weeks saw some journals heavy on content, this week’s journals is about indepth underlying mechanics. Race Relations Relations are now tracked per race, making decisions about who you make war with much more important.  Declaring war on an Elven city might give you a quick conquest, but don’t expect your Elven citizens
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