Tech Update: Mac/Linux Port, Steam Workshop and Cloud Saves

July 25, 2014 -

This week’s development journal gives you an update from the tech team. First we have the status of the Mac/Linux port followed by the latest on the integration of Steamworks allowing easier user content sharing, and Cloud Saves. Update on the Mac/Linux Port Shortly after the release of Age of Wonders 3 we started porting
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The Summer Tournament has kicked off!

July 14, 2014 -

With the World Cup won by Germany (Congratulations to all the German fans!) -  a new international sports event has started: the Age of Wonders 3 Summer 2014 Tournament.  BloodBattleBrain has set up a special site where progress can be tracked. Triumph has made available some prizes for the 1st – 4th places which include
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Development Journal: Mystical City Upgrades

July 11, 2014 -

Hi again! In today’s expansion development journal we’ll be talking about a new type of city upgrades that we have in the works. These Mystical upgrades unlock unique new and powerful improvements to your town, making a city’s location matter more than ever. City with Sunken City upgraded with Sanctuary of the Deep,  unlocking Mermaid
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Dev Journal: New Disjunct & Spell Mechanics

July 4, 2014 -

Hello Everybody! In this second post-release. Dev Journal we’re going to talk about the new mechanics that are being developed for disjuncting and protecting spells.   What is Disjunction? Age Of Wonders 3 has many spells that that you can cast to strengthen their empires, enchant their cities and swing the tide of battle in their
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Announcing the Summer 2014 Multiplayer Tournament

July 3, 2014 -

With the World Cup nearing its conclusion; we have another great international sports event to look forward to: The Age of Wonders III Summer Tournament 2014! Community member BloodyBattleBrain is the instigator and will lead the organization. The exact rules will follow, they are partially dependent on the amount of players and your feedback of
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Expansion Dev Journal – Seals of Power Victory Condition

June 27, 2014 -

Hello everyone! As the first post-release Development Journal, we’re going to talk a bit about the creation of the Seals of Power, which is a new Victory Condition for both random maps and standalone or campaign scenarios. As with other upcoming new features, we can’t give an exact date of when they will be implemented.
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Development Update and Return of Journals

June 14, 2014 -

Hi guys, just a quick post that we’re making great progress on lots of new Age of Wonders goodies for you.  The upcoming update should include Steam Workshop support and Cloud Saves. This should make it easier for you to exchange user made scenarios and manage save games across multiple computers. The tech team is
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Update V1.2 is here!

May 27, 2014 -

With this week’s massive update we make race choices matter more,  with racial traits impacting more class units. Water combat is more tactically rewarding, and we’ve added new game speed settings  that allow you to adjust empire development speed for quick multiplayer games or marathon XL maps.  See the list below for much more updates!
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Age of Wonders & Divinity Weekly Humble Bundle

May 22, 2014 -

This week, the Low Countries are reunited as Belgian and Dutch developers Larian and Triumph Studios collaborate on this Weekly Humble Bundle.  Fantasy, Strategy and Role-playing go hand in hand in this package full of miracles. Support charity and set your own price for a bundle containing the classic and critically acclaimed Age of Wonders
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Advanced Level Editing and Scripting Guide

May 8, 2014 -

Hello everyone! It’s about time we get into advanced level editing, and explain the script commands we used in the campaign and stand-alone scenarios. In the document we prepared for you today (see below) all Age of Wonders 3 script calls with explanation are listed, as well as a few examples of creating some events
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