Dev Journal: The Bone Collector and Deathbringer

October 24, 2014 -

Hi there,  today we introduce the second batch of Necromancer units, that we are currently developing for the upcoming expansion. Up first is the Deathbringer, this unit was designed to be able transform enemy units into ghouls during battle. Although this is a strategically interesting and powerful ability, some of you pointed out issues around
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Dev Journal: First Necromancer Units

October 17, 2014 -

Today we take a look at the conceptual designs for first Necromancer Units.  As we posted in our last dev journal, the Necromancer can turn many types of living units into Ghoul variants using the Great Transformation spell, but of course, the Necromancer comes with its own unique unit roster.  Today we’re going to take
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Dev Journal: Cities of the Dead

October 10, 2014 -

Here is the next update on the Necromancer Class Design, thanks everybody for the feedback. Here is some of our progress that hopefully answers some of your questions and may be it incorporates some feedback here and there. There are many aspects to this class, but we’ll start at the root which are the mechanics
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Tune in to Quill18 streaming Golden Realms

September 26, 2014 -

Youtuber, Twitch Caster and strategy expert Quill18 will stream Age of Wonders  3: Golden Realms on Twitch in cooperation with tomorrow 6:00PM GMT (11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EST).  Quill’s videos are always informative and very entertaining. Don’t miss it! See for more info!

Dev Journal: Necromancer Class Design!

September 24, 2014 -

With Golden Realms and V1.4 hot of the presses we do not rest, but get straight back to work on the next Age of Wonders III expansion.  As we’ve hinted in the past, we’re happy to confirm the coming expansion will include the Necromancer class!  Usually we run development journals when items are a little
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Multiplayer compatibilty with the Expansion

September 19, 2014 -

Hello everyone, with the Golden Realms Expansion out now, we’ll discuss how the Expansion impacts multiplayer. Are you worried you can’t play AoW3 with or against your friends, worry no more. All shall be explained below. People that buy expansions for AoW3 – such as the Golden Realms expansion – get their hands on all
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New Step by Step Map Making Guide!


With the added V1.4 support for sharing user content including Steam Workshop; Narvek and new intern JimiH_Dev have been so kind to put together an all new Step by Step Map Making Guide. The Age of Wonders 3 editor is a lot more powerful than the ones that came with the previous games, but this also
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Golden Realms Expansion and v1.4 Released!

September 18, 2014 -

This joyous day sees the release of both the feature loaded Golden Realms Expansion and the free V1.4 update. Thanks to all our fans for making this possible, developing, expanding and tweaking a huge game like AoW3 would be impossible without your feedback! The expansion and patch will massively improve your Age of Wonders III Experience. 
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Summer Tournament Results


The battles were many and bloody.  But the winners of the 2014 Summer Tournament have emerged.  All hail the Triumphators: #1. Ayenara #2. Jomungur #3. AbednegoJC #4. Gabriel Benichou … your prizes will reach you shortly…  and everybody look out for a Hero named Aya Nera in the release version of V1.4! Special thanks to
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All about the Halflings

September 17, 2014 -

First a bit of history. The Halflings, weren’t they supposed to have been wiped out?  As you might have seen in the Time Line, the Halfling nation was destroyed during an event called the Heartwood Massacre. However some lucky Halfling survivors fled to the distant safe havens. (more on luck later!) Concept art of a
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