Holiday Gift

December 18, 2014 -

With the Holidays approaching fast, we have a bit of a different kind of Journal for you:  a gift to all you Age of Wonders 3 players. The Age of Wonders 3 Holiday update features a dozen new types of head gear to be used with the Leader Customizer.  The set includes sinister cloak hoods
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Dev Journal: Frostling Queens and Royal Guards

December 12, 2014 -

In this concluding journal about the Frostling race units we show you the mighty Ice Queen and her Royal Guard Frostlings are a proud and sturdy race, which have been moving towards a matriarchal society since the Frost Witches first befriended them. Their Kings today are always chosen by the High Queen and it is
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Dev Journal: The Frostling Army Core

December 5, 2014 -

Today we reveal three new Frostling units, the Raider, Harpoon Thrower and the Mammoth Rider As we saw in the previous development journal Frostling blood has mixed with the enigmatic and feylike Frost Witches. This has changed some of them to better resist the cold and be larger in stature and stronger in power. Today
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Dev Journal: The Frostlings are Coming

November 28, 2014 -

Today we reveal the first information on the Frostlings, who return as a revamped, fully loaded playable race in the upcoming Expansion Frostlings are a race of humanoids that settled in the cold northern regions long ago. Gradually adapting to the harsh winter clime, they possess a pale complexion and large, beady, deep-blue eyes. Often
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Podcast at eXplorminate covers Frostlings, Race Relations, PBEM,

November 27, 2014 -

The new dedicated 4X site eXplorminate did a podcast with AoW3 Development Director Lennart Sas, who still was a bit hung over from the Dutch Game Awards night.  Listen to the podcast for background on development, questions from the community and new reveals on Race Relations, the new PBEM system and the upcoming Frostling Race.
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Age of Wonders III wins big at The Dutch Game Awards


Wow! Age of Wonders III won best PC / Console game and the Control Industry Award. That last award was won as a result from votes from the Dutch games industry community. Thanks everybody, this means a lot to us! The Dutch Games industry is bigger than you might think.  Killzone is made by Guerrilla
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Dev Journal: Don’t Fear the Reaper

November 21, 2014 -

… or maybe you should. Today we return to the reveal of the ultimate Necromancer Units for the upcoming – still unnamed! – Expansion. First The Wailer. This is an offensive support unit which can debuff enemies with its radial Wail of Despair ability. This eardrum busting screech makes affected enemies more vulnerable to attacks
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Improving Race Variety & Starting Perks

November 14, 2014 -

As well as working on new content for the upcoming expansion, we’re also working on refining the content that’s already in the game. These refinements will be released in a free update at the same time as the DLC, and will be available for all players. Specializations, Starting Skills and the Leader Editor Currently, when
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Dev Journal: Cosmic Events

November 7, 2014 -

With all the Necromancer posts you might think the upcoming DLC is just about dead things. But there is *lots* more to it.  Today we take a look at one such other feature: Cosmic Events! The great changes taking placing on Altha are sending ripples through the cosmos. Strange phenomena appear in the skies, causing
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Halloween Journal: Necromancer Skills

October 31, 2014 -

Hi everyone, we don’t need a botched Halloween tie-in this year, we have the real deal! Let’s continue our journey into the dark arts by having a look at the first Necromancer Skills: Whispers of the Fallen This global sustained spell allows the Necromancer to listen out for the spirits  of the recently fallen to
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